Lifetime Members


To All Current Lifetime Members


Re: Lifetime Membership Benefits


It has recently come to our attention that there may be some miscommunication regarding the benefits of a Lifetime Membership. The benefits are as follows:


  • Lifetime Member receives immediate access to the Practice Ranges at no additional fees

  • Lifetime Members do not pay an annual membership fee.


IF a Lifetime Member would like to additionally have the benefits of a Level 1 membership then the following is required:

  • 40 hours of volunteer work per year. (Examples of work- range upkeep, tournament help, office work, cleaning, cooking etc)


  • Hours must be signed off by a Board Member.


  • Must attend 7 monthly meetings per year



  • Immediate- Access to Ranges at no charge

  • After 40 hours of volunteer work- Voting Rights, Gate/ Target Shed Key, Free Camping,


  • After 1st year- Opportunity to run for Office.


  • Please speak with a Board Member if you would like to participate in the Level 1 Membership.


We also ask that you fill out a new membership form each  year. Although you are a Lifetime Member,  we understand that addresses,  phone numbers and emails change. We appreciate you keeping your information current and you attending meetings so you are informed as to what is going on in your club.


Thank you,


Darrington Archers

Family of Archers