75th Annual Outdoor National Field Championships has been canceled

About Us

This is a picture of The Family of Archers sculpture in Darrington Washington.


Darrington’s Archery Sculpture in town:  “The Family of Archers” Our logo; exclusively designed by our own local archery range” pioneer builder” and designer and artist Marv Kastning.

The Darrington Archers was started in 1980 by a handful of local guys and high school students headed by Marv Kastning.

Mr. Kastning was a teacher in Darrington and he had a dream to bring an archery range to Darrington, Washington.  Through a lot of paperwork and legwork, he got land, contracts signed, and the ranges started being constructed.

Marv Kastning in the early eighties; challenged Olympic Archer Ed Eliason to a public shootdown in Darrington in the local gymnasium, Marv lost the shootout to the Olympian, but it brought Darrington to the eyes and ears of the world as an archery destination.

In 1982 Darrington hosted its first National Outdoor Tournament, and has hosted them about once every three years since then.

Darrington has also hosted The World Archery Tournament in 1988, The Pan-Am Games and many  Washington State shoots. USA Archery National Fita Field Championships and US Team Trials in 2017 and USA Archery National Field Championships and US World Team Trials in 2018; boasting the largest turnout ever for this event.

The Darrington Archery Range is a permanent World Class Archery Range, and it boasts the first handicapped accessible 28 target outdoor range in the United States.

The Darrington Archery Range is approximately 262 acres of forested land owned by the Snohomish County Parks Department and the Darrington School District.  The range has a large practice flat with over 20 target butts at different marked yardages including an 80 yard and 101-yard shot. Five ranges with 28 targets each that stay in place year-round.  These ranges are fondly known as the Dylan (handicapped accessible), the Bobcat, the Cougar, the Coyote and the Deer Range (currently down due to logging we will have the Deer operational as soon as possible).  These ranges go from flat to very steep and challenging courses. Ranges or target butts are sponsored by individual archers, archery clubs, businesses and even local townsfolk. To the town of Darrington, the archers that return from around the country and the world to compete here year after year are like an extended family.  When they return to Darrington we are happy to welcome them to our town and our homes as we renew old friendships and make new ones as well.

Archery is a sport for all ages.  It is a family friendly activity where sons, daughters, husbands and wives all can shoot side by side.

The current President of the Darrington Archers is Lance Rakish.

The current Vice President is Kevin Oliphant.  Both are avid archers.


Our current Family of Archers goes by Darrington Family of Archers “Team Hillbilly”. We enjoy going to other clubs shoots as Team Hillbilly and representing the Darrington Family of Archers.